Erleben Sie die 20Keys live
bei einigen führenden Anwendern
Kommen Sie mit uns zur Study Mission 2016
nach Südafrika
Das Zusammenspiel fachübergreifender, wissenschaftlicher Expertise und
praxisorientierter Anwendung beschreibt den Lösungsansatz des Lindau Institutes
Prof. Michael Schröder - Professor für Transport, Verkehr und Logistik
Das Wissen, die Ideen und die Motivation der Mitarbeiter
sind die Basis für jeden Weg zur Excellenz
N  Nutzen Sie mit den 20Keys dieses Potenzial.
Den eigenen Standort bestimmen, den Weg zur Exzellenz
beschreiben und das Rüstzeug um diesen Weg zu gehen
Where2Go zeigt Ihnen Ihren Weg zur Exzellenz 

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Community Blog

02. April 2020

  • Joomla, supporting our community through these unprecedented times

    The current global crisis has changed the way most of us live unrecognisably in recent days.  We would like to take this opportunity to assure you of the support of the whole Joomla Project throughout this period.  With many regions and countries already in lockdown for weeks and more entering into it daily, we would like to encourage our community and users to stay in touch over these hard times. There is no better time than now to remember what unites us and makes us the strong, dynamic, caring community we are all proud to be members of.

    Communicate, Engage, Exchange Ideas, Contribute.
    Let's face this crisis "together as one".


  • Github Sponsored Organization Program: support Joomla!

    Ever wished you could support the developers who devote themselves to making Joomla one of the leading Open Source CMS? Now you can! Joomla has joined the GitHub Sponsored Organization Program.


  • Forum for the Future: Re-Engage & Re-Ignite Stream

    Joomla is a community and a software product - one cannot exist without the other.The Re-Engage & Re-Ignite team brainstormed a number of topics centered around increasing people’s awareness of Joomla and encouraging them to get involved.